So far, so good….

Now that reviews are starting to come in, I’m delighted to report that my debut novel, ‘Two Degrees of Separation’, is being very well received.

I’ve had lots of verbal congratulatory messages and here are some of the comments that have been committed to writing….  “Chuffed” doesn’t cover it! 😉


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Marc – a tribute poem to Marc Almond

Troubadour, a joy in store
Beautiful creature, with striking features
Collecting waifs and strays
And the most beautiful losers
By the boy who came back
From a Mambaesque state
The Willingest of Sinners
The Ruined of the Ruined
St Judy of the garbage heap
Chanson interprete extraordinaire
The best British Brel
From Spanish Bordellos to Russian Gulags
New York Lofts to Southport’s sands
Faded glamour of carnival clamour
Singing of Criminal Lovers
On the grime-encrusted sidewalks
Beauty oh Beauty
Cara a Cara
Send me broken-hearted yet beautiful
Send me the rubiest of reds
Send me to my dreams
Where there is a tainted bed
Greet me like a stranger
And leave me like a lover
For you inspire me, fuel and fire me
Like no other

I’m a “featured author”….

Following the publication of my debut novel on 8th May, I’ve hit another milestone in my writing journey… I’m currently a “featured author” on the Indie Book website

They also mention me on Pinterest as well as Twitter and Facebook.

They’re featuring my first book of poetry, “Observations” which is available to buy from Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.  Click here to view/buy

observations cover

Now for the “not so good news”

The General Election results are clear
“The Tories will govern for five more years”
I personally feel utter devastation
And fear for the future of our great nation
Their party promise was twelve billion to slash
No thought for the nation’s welfare, when asked
Public services cut to the core
You can’t take nothing from nothing no more
An increase in fracking and ruining our land
More food banks for living fist to hand
More ‘jobs for the boys’ in financial quarters
More hardworking families lives are slaughtered
Poverty will increase, and riots will follow
I fear for our youth and all their tomorrows
Cash for peerage and zero hours
Whilst the NHS declines like milk that sours
Nurses, Firemen, Teachers, Police
Will continue the threat of being fleeced
Advantage taken of their chosen vocation
Whilst they toil and sacrifice for the good of the nation
Failure to curb the banking excess
We’re facing a future of pure bleakness
Inequality rising ‘tween rich and poor
We can’t take this rubbish any more!
Protecting paedophiles without a thought
Armed forces left with no support
Pension retirement age has risen
Working for longer is now a given
Royal Mail sold and other assets
Just PFI in another facet
Voter apathy spoilt our chance
And now we’ll be led a merry old dance
Our nation is already on its knees
Five more years? Do me a favour! Please!

First the good news…. my debut novel is published!

First the good news… I’m delighted to announce that my debut novel “Two Degrees of Separation” is now published!  It was a very emotional day yesterday when I received the proof and saw 8 years of writing, editing, re-writing, procrastination, hopes and fears finally become a reality when I held my novel, my actual novel, in my hands for the first time.  I don’t mind admitting, tears were shed

Anyway, now for the “hard sell”.  Its available in paperback and ebook formats via Amazon using this link (for UK people)

I hope you enjoy it.

RIP Soho – a poem/lament

RIP Soho
The end is in sight
The developers are working
To destroy with their might

The bouncers are becoming
Homophobic to its own
For the tables are turning
And the seeds are well sown

Creatives of London
Go find solace elsewhere
For the streets you have loved
Now snarl with despair

Soho’s not a district
For freedom and fun
Instead it’s a fortress
So run baby, run

Historic venues
Are razed to the ground
Whist love, life and laughter
Are nowhere to be found

Where has the diversity
Disappeared to this time?
It’s lost all its tolerance
And is now filled with crime

The essence of Soho
Is washed down the drain
And it’s lifeblood is dying;
It’ll never be the same

But is it too late
To save from the vultures?
I weep for the future
Soho’s sad monoculture