RIP Soho – a poem/lament

RIP Soho
The end is in sight
The developers are working
To destroy with their might

The bouncers are becoming
Homophobic to its own
For the tables are turning
And the seeds are well sown

Creatives of London
Go find solace elsewhere
For the streets you have loved
Now snarl with despair

Soho’s not a district
For freedom and fun
Instead it’s a fortress
So run baby, run

Historic venues
Are razed to the ground
Whist love, life and laughter
Are nowhere to be found

Where has the diversity
Disappeared to this time?
It’s lost all its tolerance
And is now filled with crime

The essence of Soho
Is washed down the drain
And it’s lifeblood is dying;
It’ll never be the same

But is it too late
To save from the vultures?
I weep for the future
Soho’s sad monoculture


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