What is Friendship?

Yesterday I went to a wedding reception with my husband.  Essentially the friends were mine; I know both Bride and Groom, but when my hubby started to question me a bit further I was found lacking in the information stakes!

What does the groom do for a living, he asked.  I shrugged my shoulders.  The bride?  No idea!  Where do they live?  I haven’t a clue… it made me think about how I first met them (can’t remember that either!!)

What I can tell you is that the bride is the sister of a good friend of mine.  Someone I met via MySpace through a shared love of Marc Almond.  I remember the first time I met him… it was in the queue for a burlesque show at Koko in Camden in May 2009… I can’t remember when I met his sister though, and how we all came to be such good friends; good enough for them to invite my hubby and I to their wedding.

It then occurred to me that of all of that group of friends I hang around with, I know very little of each of them in varying degrees.  Our meetings as a large group (about 20 of us in all) vary from our Annual Picnic in Regents Park, Gay Pride when we all dress up in a common theme, Eurovision, to the Last Night of the Proms at Hyde Park etc  We don’t discuss work or many personal issues.  We simply have a great laugh each time we meet.  There are no dramas or bitching and falling outs are as rare as hen’s teeth.   And at the end of the day, shouldn’t that be what great friendships are about; enjoying each others company for what it is?

We’re all going away for my friends 50th in August, to Amsterdam.  And you can’t guarantee it will be another landmark weekend and a good time will be had by all.  Bring it on!

ImageUs all, at last year’s Gay Pride, working the Regency thing!