Soundtrack to my Life (Typecast Re-blogged)




Today, I’m the subject of top blogger Nickie O’Hara’s (Typecast) “Soundtrack to my Life”.  I first met Nickie, online about 4-5 years ago through twitter debate about “The Apprentice”.  As we came to know each other a little better it transpires that she’s from the small Lancashire village where some of my Mum’s family live.  Small world eh?  Anyway, here are 5 songs which have provided the Soundtrack to my Life so far…. Being a huge music fan, I obviously have a plethora of tunes I could’ve chosen but these five are truly representative of me.  They’d definitely be part of my Desert Island selection… maybe that’s a blog for another time.  Anyway, Enjoy…  I’d love to hear your comments.  What would YOUR five be?



“The Timeshare Bed” – a poem

Another solo night, in the timeshare bed
Hubby’s on nights, so, alone here I’m led
The checking of windows and locking of doors
Is all down to me, but I know the score
A routine of sorts to make sure we’re safe
A house wife’s duty and how to behave
Responsibility mine, but done to a script
Doors, windows, keys, glass of water to sip
Check on the boy, he ‘s fast asleep now
With toys all around and cheeks all aglow
Silently snoring and breathing in time
I could watch him all night, this gorgeous boy, of mine
Off to bed I reluctantly sneak
Stopping myself from one final peek
More “I love you’s” and a kiss on the side
A grunted response but my heart fills with pride 
Then off to my own bed, its vastness laid open
Read a book, try to sleep, this room’s like an oven!
The walls closing in and I’m starting to shudder
Sleep deprivation of one kind, or another
Then finally slumbers are laid at my feet
Six hours of rest, if I’m lucky, in his heat
The fan makes a noise, a rhythmic sashay
Which cools my tired body, til the cold light of day
Then keys in the door, indicate hubby is home
I look at the clock, its early, I groan!
Another night conquered of sleeping alone
A solitary existence within my own home
Up I get, cup of tea, and morning greetings
Breakfast for three, “what are you eating?”
A 5-minute catch up once hubby’s well fed
Then he’s straight up the stairs, to our timeshare bed.


World Poetry Day – 21.3.14

Today is World Poetry Day, so as that’s what I do, its appropriate for me to post something on today of all days.
Here’s a poem from my latest collection “Winter Dreams 2” (available to buy from here)

“Winter Strikes”

On a Hallowe’en dawn
Lights Scorpio sun, and,
Brings the frost of tomorrow
On a pale zephyr wind,
Whispering, quietly
“Jack Frost is a-comin'”…
You hear it on the breeze
Through the trees
It’s branches steadfast despite Winter’s breath
Removing leaves, caressing
Forming an auburn path of rust and hues
That will turn to mush by the end of the day
Dusk arrives.
Too quickly.
The day is not done but natures closed sign is deftly displayed.
Unwritten invitation for Jack Frosts’ arrival
To place his magic touch on Earth’s crust
And lay his hands to leave an icy crepe
On all that remains still
For many moons, til Aquarius acquiesces.

“The Angel versus the Devil” – a poem/song lyrics

On Angel’s wings, I hear you sing,
The joys of life, you always bring
On devil’s horns, You keep me warm
With all your tales, of wicked scorn

Chorus :
The Angel versus the Devil,
The voices in my head
From good, to bad, to evil, instead
The Angel versus the Devil,
The voices in my mind
Leading me astray, from all Mankind

Contrary emotions tell me what to do,
I’m torn between the bad, and the good in you

Those Gemini Twins are taunting me
I shake my head, please let me be!
This indecision of haunting me
I shake my head, please let me be!

The Angel versus the Devil,
The voices in my head
From good, to bad, to evil, instead
The Angel versus the Devil,
The voices in my mind
Leading me astray, from all Mankind

Little voices on each shoulder
Good is winning, but bad is bolder
I turn towards the devil’s horns
The angel cries as her wings are shorn

My ears are closed to all decision
This torment drives me to derision
I walk away, its not OK
My conscience deciders are here to stay!

The Angel versus the Devil,
The voices in my head
From good, to bad, to evil, instead
The Angel versus the Devil,
The voices in my mind
Leading me astray, from all Mankind

“Misery Loves Company” – a poem

Misery loves company 
Ain't that the truth 
For the beauty has gone 
With the tide of your youth

You apply in the morning 
With lipstick and bile 
Then spend the whole day 
Calling everyone "vile"

So look in the mirror
At the gleaming facade
It doesn't show "ugly"
That's hiding inside

You might fool yourself
But all else can see
When the lies and nastiness
Are directed with glee

You're treading the line
'Tween hateful and sin
But 50 shades of "beige"
Won't make you fit in

You're relying on others
To carry you through
But they've seen the hate
And I'm sure you do too

Hiding behind 
your tablet or screen
Shows your true colours
But especially the green

Envy's not pretty
And neither is malice
And I'll be the one
To bring back the balance

For everyone tells me
Ignore, delete, block 
But I care not for your insults
And the way that you mock

You think a lot of yourself
If your profile is true
But we know the truth
From the rubbish you spew

So take one last look
In that mirror frame
When all's said and done
You'll feel nothing but shame