A Valentine’s Wish – a poem

Love Sweet Love

Hope you got the Valentine wish
That you were hoping for,
Did you get a bunch of roses
Or cards cascading through your door?

Are you hoping for an evening
Of romantic gestures and signs
Ignoring all the clichés
Especially that “Love is Blind”

Are you hoping for some smaltz
Being whisked around the floor?
Or maybe a little waltz
As long as you aren’t ignored.

Maybe you hope for lingerie
And an evening spent in bed
It’s better than watching TV
And being on your own instead

Whatever you choose to do
Remember love is eternal
It’s not for just the one day
That turns “love” into being commercial

And if you don’t get
All that you hoped for on this day
Remember to love yourself
In the end, it’s the only way!


Secret Life – a poem

Her dishwater hands give her boredom away
She’s always at work and never at play
Her life is a schedule, a doubtful routine
With washing and ironing and keeping things clean

The husband’s at work and the kids are at school
She’s done all her chores and feels like a fool
When she lifts the receiver and answers the call
To a lonely old man who wants to feel small

“Madame Dominatrix” is her pseudonym
She earns extra cash, acting harsh, on a whim
All her frustrations laid bare to a stranger
Whilst sat in her rollers, avoiding the danger

She doesn’t feel part of the sex industry
When she shouts and commands to her clients, for a fee
To her it’s ‘pin money’ for a life that is better
So she groans and she yells whilst the callers get wetter

Whilst her family’s oblivious to their Mum’s secret life
They enjoy all the treats and avoid any strife
Life’s always so calm and she’s in control
Her life is in boxes, as she plays out her roles

Blitzed – a tribute poem for Steve Strange

“Would you let you in
Looking like that?”
The mirror’s aloft
As you cling to your hat

The stylish judgemental
Won’t let you pass go
You’d made such an effort
But you failed, and feel low

You’re missing the chance
To drink, mingle and dance
With the beautiful people
Who move with a stance

Be he friend or a foe
He’ll always be known
As the Hero for Clubs
In the London’s 80’s Soho

A movement of style
And music and fashion
You could do what you liked
As long as it had passion

And now that that era
Has faded to grey
The passion lives on
And our memories will stay

RIP Steve Strange

Modern Life Isn’t Rubbish – a poem

Modern Life Isn’t Rubbish

How’s the 21st Century
Working out for you?
Is it meeting expectations
Or leave you feeling blue?

Do celebrities with opinions
Make you rant with rage
And the criminals with “human rights”
When they should be in a cage

Politicians sitting pretty
Whilst the workers sweat and toil
Well if this doesn’t upset you
What else would make you boil?

The lack of decent housing
Makes life difficult for the young
They can’t begin to live their lives
When their lives have already begun

How about the bankers
With criminal rates of pay
Or the terrorists who steal our lives
And preach hatred every day?

The pointless wars and killings
In the name of some religion
Does that make you sad at all
Or make you feel belligerent?

Its hard to keep a positive stance
When life is leading you a merry dance
We tend to forget the beauty within
And that, my friends, is the ultimate sin

New lives born on each new day
The wonder of nature, constantly at play
The random act of stranger kindness
Takes away the hatred blindness

Books to read of lives unknown
Music to move you and make you grow
Art and Dance and imagination
Golden Wedding celebrations

A laughing child that’s free of care
A moment lost in thoughts, we dare
To dream of pursuing unattainable lives
Away from children, lovers and wives

Falling in love and making friends
The fun and good times never end
Shared memories of all good times
Keeping tight the ties that bind

Walking barefoot along the beach
None of these things are out of reach
Its true, there’s anger everywhere
But life is good. Take time to care.

Glamour – a poem


What is the recipe for a glamorous life?
A pinch of success and an inch with the knife?
A small vial of Botox to blur all the signs
And the right kind of hairdo to smoothen the lines.

Nights on the town, and fun spent with friends
The theatre and cocktails, the joy never ends
Parties post-midnight until early hours
It’s all fine and dandy til morning time sours

One look in the mirror is all that it takes
When glamour has gone all that’s left are the fakes
The lines on your face tell the story that’s true
When glamour has faded all that’s left there is you