Every Little Helps – a poem

The mighty are falling, they’re falling right down,
For their ethos is flawed in our cities and towns,
“World domination” comes at a price,
And it cuts to the core when they aren’t all that nice,
Ruthless development of product and retail,
But what they don’t grasp is that people aren’t for sale,
With basic necessity comes heartache and strife,
As they slash and cut lives with the flick of a knife,
Consumer’s not King in this day and age,
Whilst their employees efforts are just making a wage,
Eventual implosion of this retail giant,
And right to the end they’re appearing defiant,
Jobs slashed at will by the spreadsheet decree,
And money is saved for the balance sheet fee,
Tesco is falling, it’s falling right down,
Begone from our high streets, cities and towns!