Winter Clothes – a poem

Today I’m wearing winter clothes
In tones of grey and black
Dodging raindrops and dirty puddles
Whilst utilising my raincoat and boots
Retrieved from the depths of my wardrobe
Optimistically placed for later in the calendar

August’s precipitation makes way for
Sharpened pencils and pristine uniforms
For the children returning to their education
Whilst parents process their devastation…

Two days ago I was wearing a summer dress
Too warm days by the English Coast
Devouring fish and chips, and ice cream
Expected foodstuffs of delight
The dry sand between my toes
And the smell of salt in my tangled mane.

Such recent times are hard to reconcile
When Autumn’s veil shrouds the light of today
And washes my memories clean away


October’s Presence – a poem

I am a Lioness of October’s dawn
Defending my young with love and truth
All that is loved and lost, occurs here
The tenth day in the sequence of my month
On the cusp of the mutual joining
I am your Queen and you are my King
United in the tenth house
On the cusp of Scorpio’s rising
Bringing the anniversary day
To see the month’s ending
Before Hallow’s Eve claims me
As it’s own

Barcelona – a poem

Catalonian casa, of gaudy Gaudi art
No corners or sharp edges
hinder your feng shui paradise
A paradigm of design
Sings to my soul
And takes me to its heart

Strolling down Las Ramblas
or exploring the Gothic Quarter
I feel my life lived here in another life
In this Spanish city, so rare
Its streets sing to me
Every Rincón*, a symphony of sounds

And your cuisine tantilises my taste
Both seaside shanties and gothic antics
Appeal to my Gemini soul

Never change, oh Barcelona!

*Note: The Spanish word Rincón is translated into “nooks and crannies”



2014 Copyrighted by Ange Chan. May not be reproduced in any format without the expressed permission from the author.

London – a poem

As I walk o’er Blackfriars Bridge
I contemplate the Thames;
The tide is out, 
And pebbled shores
Reveal the treasure
Once concealed beneath the waves.
Their watery blanket
Shielding them from the grey clouds
Forming patterns in the sky. 

I view the vista before me
of trains and boats and cars, and
Cyclists, on their borrowed bikes
Tube trains felt under-foot,
Their rumblings below my shoes
Almost as loud as my hunger.
For this city
A rhythmic metronome for the metropolis
A pulsating beat
An ever-changing landscape…

I shall return tomorrow
And I will not recognise my scene
For this cannot be preserved.
London’s chameleon skin will have morphed
Into something unrecognisable 
from the here and now.
Grey skies may disappear 
Revealing the smirking sun
Cocky, in its reverie.
Or damp pavements 
littered with disgruntled commuters
Hurrying towards their vocations.
Such are London’s streets; unique
Yet oblique.




2014 Copyrighted by Ange Chan. May not be reproduced in any format without the expressed permission from the author.


Disenfranchised – a poem

Chained to the memory of you
A lifetime has passed
Its now time to forget….
But your deceipt taints my future
My trusting element defiled
No matter how I try
My emotions are defeated
Surrendered to duplicity
By a silence so strong
My conclusions are drawn
Be they right or wrong.
Dead memories fill my heart
When my world imploded
But jigsaw times were had
Dancing outside of the shadows
But then, destroying my soul and
Put back on the shelf
Since then, I found myself.
Oh, the hearts that you break
The lies beneath truth
And reality, opaque.
Forging my tight family ties
So that nothing can pervade.
Protecting my child from alien antics
By shrouding him in love’s cloak.
My fortress of invisibility,
So impenetrable
We only destroy from within.
Moving to the sequence of seven
In a metronomic daze
Better times lie in the future
At last! The life I should live,
You took away everything,
But there’s so much more to give.

“Summer Rain” – a poem

Water gushing from the skies
Deluging precipitation.
Neighbour’s gutters overflowed
And sodden lawns filled with clover
Rinsing away the stifling sun
And midden heat which steals your sleep
Open windows now sealed for summer
Whilst rivulets form on frosted panes.
Cleansing atmospheric hues
And bringing freshness, damp and cool
Welcomed weather in midst of heat
Despite the thunderous booming intent
No hint of blue in colourless skies
And here to stay til morning’s dew