About Me….

Writer and Poet.

Northerner living South.

Lover of all things Synth/Electronic/Goth/New Romantic 80s (Music, Fashion, Other)


Click here for my website for more examples of my work, and up-to-date news

Come and have a gander at my Facebook page  for samples of my work.  For published works, please click on the relevant links below:-

My collaborative photopoetry works with MoGeo Photographic

Winter Dreams with Peter Parkinson (2012)

Visual Poetry with Peter Parkinson  (2012)

“Winter Dreams 2 with Peter Parkinson and Samantha Reynolds (March 2014)

“Observations” (solo poetry project) (June 2014)

Perceptions (2nd solo poetry project with 2 contributions from Samantha Reynolds) (September 2014)

My debut novel “Two Degrees of Separation” was published on 8th May 2015 and is available from Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.



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