About Me….

Writer and Poet.

Northerner living South.

Lover of all things Synth/Electronic/Goth/New Romantic 80s (Music, Fashion, Other)

Come and have a gander at my Facebook page  for samples of my work.  For published works, please click on the relevant links below:-

My collaborative photopoetry works with MoGeo Photographic

Winter Dreams with Peter Parkinson (2012)

Visual Poetry with Peter Parkinson  (2012)

“Winter Dreams 2 with Peter Parkinson and Samantha Reynolds (March 2014)

“Observations” (solo poetry project) (June 2014)

Perceptions (2nd solo poetry project with 2 contributions from Samantha Reynolds) (September 2014)

My debut novel “Two Degrees of Separation” was published on 8th  2015 and is available from Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.  My second novel Baby, Can You Hear Me? was published in 2016. I’m currently working in novel number three, which will be called Champagne Flutes and Pixie  Boots. I hope to see this published in 2018.





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