“Winter Strikes” – a poem

On a Hallowe’en dawn
Lights Scorpio sun, and,
Brings the frost of tomorrow
On a pale zephyr wind,
Whispering, quietly 
“Jack Frost is a-comin'”…
You hear it on the breeze
Through the trees
It’s branches steadfast despite Winter’s breath
Removing leaves, caressing
Forming an auburn path of rust and hues
That will turn to mush by the end of the day
Dusk arrives. 
Too quickly. 
The day is not done but natures closed sign is deftly displayed. 
Unwritten invitation for Jack Frosts’ arrival
To place his magic touch on Earth’s crust
And lay his hands to leave an icy crepe
On all that remains still
For many moons, til Aquarius acquiesces


“Winter Dreams 2” – New Book now available

My new book in collaboration with Peter Parkinson and Samantha Reynolds in now available from here


It further develops the themes of love and loss through prose and poetry written by myself and Samantha Reynolds, and photography of the bleak winter landscape captured by Peter Parkinson.

All for the bargain price of just £4.99.

“A Valentine Wish for You” – a poem

Hope you got the Valentine wish
That you were hoping for,
Did you get a bunch of roses
Or cards cascading through your door?

 Are you hoping for an evening
Of romantic gestures and signs
Ignoring all the clichés
Especially that “Love is Blind”

Are you hoping for some smaltz
Being whisked around the floor?
Or maybe a little waltz
As long as you aren’t ignored.

Maybe you hope for lingerie
And an evening spent in bed
It’s better than watching TV
And being on your own instead

Whatever you choose to do
Remember love is eternal
It’s not for just the one day
That turns “love” into being commercial

And if you don’t get
All that you hoped for on this day
Remember to love yourself
In the end of it all, it’s the only way

Valentine: a Brief History

Valentines Day: what’s it all about?

David McAlmont

Alas poor Valentinus Alas poor Valentinus

You’ll have to excuse me, but when I first read the expression, “A man of most admirable parts,” in Charles Wheatly’s Book of Common Prayer, I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. I imagine the English liturgist meant well, when he chose those words to describe St Valentine, but by 1710, his was just another ruffled voice bleating snowily in the wilderness, lamenting a saint’s irreversible shift, from martyr-exemplar to patron saint of carnality; a modification which had begun centuries before with fanciful fourteenth century poets- one in particular- snagged in the exquisite mediaeval silliness of courtly love; rhapsodizing o’er birds and goddesses; embroiling an oblivious Roman in their elegiac tales of love’s intolerable agony.

Mrs Agnes Strickland Mrs Agnes Strickland

The name Valentinus has forged a determined path to 21st Century shopping centres, from burial sites north of ancient Rome’s city limits, at the source of the trans-Italian

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“Soul Sistas and Soul Brothers” – a poem

The circles that you move in reveals the person that you are
The lengths that you will go to, tells the story from afar
The people that you love and the friends that you have chosen
The ones that watch over you, and those who’s hearts are frozen
The test of friendship comes when the loyalty has past
And who will speak up for you until the bitter last 
Who will pass the muster and reveal themselves as true
The ones who’d put themselves out, and love you for being you.