“Where to Find Love” – a poem

Don’t look for love in your local bar
For love will find you, wherever you are
It doesn’t land neatly at your feet
To make your lonely life complete

Like a lightning bolt from the heavens above
When you least expect it, there will be love
Though dating agents will try to compere
You can’t place love, if it isn’t there

It’s not to be found through internet pages
The search will almost drive you crazy
Don’t go hankering for that mad little thing
For just pain and heartache, it will bring

Love doesn’t linger and wait to be found
It’s mostly not that much profound
Its sits there quietly til there’s a need
Then fate will surely plant its seed

Two souls will merge and you will sing
For love is a beautiful, joyful thing
Cupid’s arrow will fire and aim
And life will never be the same…


Two Degrees of Separation – my first novel!

I’m very excited to announce that my first novel “Two Degrees of Separation” will hit the virtual bookshelves in May 2015.  The cover is complete, the final edits are being done and it will soon be published, and available to buy from Amazon in paperback, and e-book formats.


Here’s a brief overview of what its all about…

When Kate’s marriage to Peter comes to an abrupt end,
Kate needs to get away, and fast!  She heads to Cornwall
which is just about as far from their home in Cheshire as
she could possibly get.  Whilst trying to fathom out her
future, she meets Ben, a local guy, and has a passionate
fling. Flattered by her experience, but not expecting to see
Ben again, Kate goes about trying to piece back her newly
single life in Cheshire.  But she can’t get Ben off her mind.  

Meanwhile ex-husband Peter is finding it hard to let Kate
get on with her life, despite having moved in with his long
term girlfriend.  He’s finding domestic life with his
lover not quite as idyllic as he imagined it would be. 

Under mounting pressure, they decide to get away from it
all, re-kindle their relationship and take a mini-break to

Oblivious to Peter’s travel plans, Kate, Sara and Lisa have
also booked a girls week away… to Barcelona. Inevitably,
Kate’s ex husband Peter and his girlfriend, bump into the
girls in unfortunate circumstances and provides a huge
shock to everyone.  

When they return from their disastrous trip, Kate decides
to contact Ben.  

Peter in turn is constantly trying to make contact with Kate,
who is having none of it.  

Kate’s relationship with Cornwall-based Ben flourishes,
despite the constant long-distance travelling each
weekend, and they end up cementing their relationship.  

Peter, feeling completely rejected by everyone, leaves
the country to work in Hong Kong and whilst he’s away
his girlfriend gives birth, calling on the only person she
now has, her sister Lisa, who hasn’t spoken to her since Barcelona.  

Meanwhile Sara, who is the lynch-pin of the trio of
friends, ditches the two former loves of her life and finds
happiness with someone completely different!

The circle of friends, and their circumstances,
are constantly linked by a theme of two degrees
of separation.  

Question is…. Who is linked to who?!

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