Mancunian Memories – a poem

Amongst the uneven cobbled streets

And pavements, where we dragged our feet

Amongst the rows of terraced homes

And narrow ginnels where we thought, alone

Amongst the bustle of Deansgate

Where rainy skies dampened well-heeled feet

From Ancoats down to Piccadilly

My memories are filled, across the city

Gigs and nightclubs and classical tunes

From Free Hall joy to Banshee gloom

Devilles. Legends. Placemate. Pips.

Apollo. Factory. And of course, the Ritz.

Whitworth Street was my well worn patch

Oxford Street station, where I met my match

Walking along the city’s paths

Where I worked and played and cried and laughed

I know its streets like the back of my hand

A place I’d always be, I’d planned

But fate said it was not to be

And I left the city, so close to me.

It will always have a place in my heart

Nothing and no-one will tear that apart

Manchester was my saving grace

My Northern sanctuary. My happy place

A place where I could be at one

A place where I will always belong

Although I’m now geographically shifted

To other places, my heart is lifted

When I remember Manchester

And everything it means to me

My Northern heart. My Northern soul.

Manchester, you consumed me. Whole.
Ange Chan ©2017