Happy birthday to Soft Cell’s Non Stop Erotic Cabaret

“Youth has gone…. ” Happy 35th birthday to Soft Cell’s Non Stop Erotic Cabaret via We Are Cult website 

35 years of Soft Cell’s ‘Non Stop Erotic Cabaret’


Goodbye Pete Burns – a poem

You were a butterfly in a hurricane

You were a salmon against the tide

Your outward persona; A media sensation

But no one knew the hurt inside

A spinning record of emotion 

And a mouth that spoke your mind

With a vicious quip that could curdle milk

And the intention of being unkind

The most genuine person you could wish to meet

And certainly the most unique

Your personal style was a joy to behold

But the tabloids labelled you as a freak

An untimely death and then you were gone

They say that only the good die young

So we’ll say farewell with a tear in our eyes

And we’ll grieve; there’s no more songs to be sung 

Ange Chan ©2016

In Fawkes’ Name – a poem

The dusk is filled with stars and Magic 

The smell of bonfire is in the air

The light is piercing thru clouds a-crack’d

Whilst verdant leaves burn in their lair

Jack Frost hasn’t paid a visit 

He’s unwelcome for a month or two

But Jack-o-Lantern’s burning brightly 

In the smoky, dusky hue

Early eve as dark as midnight

Scorpio’s shadow looms ever near

Promises of rainbow explosions

Expectant feeling in the air 

Then comes the time for burning powder

Light the blue touch, watch the sky

Autumn’s festival upon us

Whilst nature’s kind hide nervously by

The foxes care not for loud explosions

The blackbird’s song is silenced by flame

Domestic pets will hide and glower

Whilst fun is had in Fawkes’ name

Ange Chan ©2014