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“Judgement” – a poem

You’re not the friend that I thought you would be
You lied and you cheated, and you really hurt me
With duplicity displayed at the drop of a hat
I think more of myself, than to be friends with that

You’re not the person I thought that you were
You pretended you liked me, pretended to care
But when it came down to really being a friend
You showed your true colours, to the bitter end

You’re not the person I even want to know
Your falseness, your lies and inability to grow
I misplaced my judgement, the error is mine
So go from my life, without you, I’m fine


“A Girl on A Train” – a poem

Take a good look
I’m just a girl on a train
And all of my dreams
Have been sucked down the drain

Alone here I sit,
In my own little world
My tunes are plugged in
And my life is unfurled

Sunglasses are on
So you can’t see my eyes
For they’re filled with emotions
Of bitter despise

My eyes hide the truth
That lies deep in my soul
But they’re shielded from you
So my tears won’t unfold

My ego is shattered
But life still goes on
I’m going to a place
Where I know I belong

So take a good look
At the girl on the train
Her dreams are now dust
You’ll never see her again


“The Vodka Angels” – a poem


Do angels drink vodka?
Well, sometimes they do,
Through rain or through shine,
And in morn’s early dew.

The alcohol angels,
With wings spun of steel,
And a heart made of wire,
To  touch, love, and feel.

The emotions of mankind,
And a barrier against haters,
They radiate tough love,
And repel all the fakers.

The fuel of  the liquor,
Makes their journey time slicker,
And puts life in a haze,
which makes it go quicker.

The crystalline liquid,
Is a secret to compare,
For angels and vodka,
Are a combo so rare.

So next time you stamp,
on a creature divine,
Remember the name,
That you tread on is mine!