Spiritual Legends – a poetic tribute to Prince and Bowie

Today would’ve been Prince’s 60th birthday.

Spiritual Legends

On the day that Prince’s dove took flight

From the heavens fell a bird of white

The clouds had parted up in the sky

And lifted his soul to a celestial high

He patiently waited at heaven’s gates

But old St Peter was running too late

So he entered in through the out door

Breaking convention like never before

His soul migrated to like-minded bringers

A creative collective of talented singers

Making rock music that no-one will hear

Entertaining only celestial ears

Then Bowie piped up “do you know you are missed?”

And Prince replied, as he did a bump fist

“They miss so much man, there’s been rivers of tears

You made such an impact over your years”

The spiritual legends virtually hugged

Safe in the knowledge their legacy is loved

So when the sky has lightning, or a bright purple hue

You know that their love is coming to you

Ange Chan ©2016


Inspired by Jamie McLeod’s images of Marc Almond “I Created Me” – a poem

Gazing at your image,

I gaze into your soul

Sometimes shy of the camera, sometimes consumes you whole…

A glimpse of this, a hint of that

Fully nude, just wearing a hat

Grit and glitter and forever shine

Memoirs of past, a voyage in time

Skulls and fire. Leather and lace

A fishnet stocking placed over your face

Santo Marco the ultimate fighter

Lost in the shadows, but shining brighter

Treat ya self to an image so rare

Criminal lover beyond compare

Only the brave can see your soul

Black heart inside, consuming you whole

Evil dead eyes and devils of red

Mamba queen and the day of the dead

Empty eyes lost behind a smile

That draws you in, and wantonly beguiles

The boy with the pipe, looking so cool

The clown in a cafe, who’s nobody’s fool

You created you, beyond compare

Versions of an original, dark nightmare

Your pretty face is going to hell

You wear it with pride. You wear it so well

Kill me now or make me pretty

Down in the dust where life is so shitty

Saint Judy of the Original sin

With a mamba smile enticing you in

Adorned in silver and traces of gold

Always youthful, never growing old

Ange Chan ©2018

Image credit : Jamie McLeod

Shine – a poem

Early morning, early start

Feeling the love from the depths of your heart

Today is a chance to sparkle and shine

Today you feel good, but you don’t all the time

Embracing the feeling, you shimmy when you walk

And there’s joy in your voice when you start to talk

When you shine like today, gods cover their eyes

Dazzled to blindness by your natural highs

A twinkle so bright, it bewitches, beguiles

Birds start to sing when they witness your smiles

Your laughter, infectious, it tinkles like bells

You’re drawn to the light and you wear it so well

No one can ruin you on a day like today

But tomorrow will come and the shine fades away

Dulled to a shade that’s a little morose

Some days you win, and others you lose

But today is all about the positivity

Embracing the feeling of being ‘all about me’

Stand in your spotlight, bathe in that applause

Your one perfect moment, you’ve nothing to lose

Ange Chan ©2018

Florence and the Machine at the Royal Festival Hall London 8/5/18

Florence and the Machine at the Festival Hall last night was a veritable love in. Flo herself was the high priestess of l’amour and she whipped the audience up into a loved up frenzy from the off.

The show in London was one of three, as a warm up for Flo’s forthcoming support slot at the Rolling Stones UK leg of their tour. We were highly privileged to witness a stadium styled gig in a smaller venue. Florence certainly made full use of the intimacy of the Southbank’s layout; running around the stage barefooted in a diaphanous floor length gown, like an ethereal whirling dervish, and on occasion venturing into the enthusiastic audience running up and down the aisles of the Festival Hall. The crowd of course lapped it up! “Hug the person next to you. Tell them that you love them!” she encouraged, mid-song. The majority of people didn’t need telling twice!

The stage was suitably adored with bouquets and arrangements of flowers and looked quite wonderful. The organ pipes of the infamous hall were proudly on display and we were treated to the penultimate song, Shake it Out, being accompanied on the organ, its pipes belting out a beautiful accompaniment.

The 90 minute set mostly comprised of songs off her most recent album plus a few new songs off the next, as currently unreleased, album. I’ve never seen Flo perform more than a few songs live before. When I saw her previously, she was accompanying Patrick Wolf at the London Palladium around 2010, just before she hit the big time. Even back then, it was fairly obvious she was destined for bigger things. Supporting the Rolling Stones doesn’t get much bigger. Looking forward to hearing all about it when the time comes!

Ange Chan


A poem for the “Windrush Generation”

Rue Britannia*

Maybe I’m stupid and don’t understand

How commonwealth citizens, invited to this land

Are now turned away at the whim of the Tories

They helped built a nation, and are part of our story

The teacher, the driver, the guard at the station

All contributioned to make us thrive as a nation

Families born and raised in this land

So can somebody help me, cos I don’t understand!

Where once was drab greyness, now there is colour

Carnivals. Festivals. Love for your brother

The kind of diversity for which we should strive

The standing together that makes us alive

Musicians and actors, artists and friends

The joy is immense and it never ends

Positive in attitude and humble through strife

Vibrant in spirit and gracious in life

But when full British citizens are ripped from their kin

What kind of a government does that? It’s nowt but a sin!

Their lack of humanity is evil at best

And their waves of duplicity cause national distress

Disgraceful duplicity by those who should know better

Revolting Tory mindset right down to the letter

We need up speak up and challenge the State

For our families to stay, and reject government hate

Ange Chan ©2018

*Full credit to David McAlmont for the title

Inspiration – a tribute to Stephen Hawking


Don’t look at your shoes

Look up at the stars

For beyond them lies infinity

Galaxies. Venus, and Mars

Don’t waste your time pondering

Always looking down

Life is for wonder

Watching seeds you have sown

Always be curious

Always be your best

Don’t sit on your laurels,

Make excuses, or rest

For life is inspiring

However it plays out

Don’t treat it with contempt

Or distrust or doubt

Whatever life deals you

Just go with the flow

For life isn’t perfect

You are stronger as you grow

You have it within you

Just believe that it’s true

Because at the end

There is only just you

RIP Stephen Hawking. A true genius of our time.

Ange Chan @2018

We Are the Mothers – a poem for Mother’s Day

We are the angels that gave birth to the youth

The children of tomorrow, the burden of proof

We are the mothers who give love without fear

Who deliver expectations, and dry all the tears

We are the women who battle and fight

Teaching a generation ‘tween wrong and what’s right

We are the fighters who’d kill for our kin

Who’d die in an instance to save their kid’s skin

We are the hunters who seek out what’s best

Who forage for joy and feather the nest

The Amazon Queens who seek out and soothe

Who calm murky waters and improve your bad mood

We are the Mums who deliver what’s asked

Who sacrifice ourselves; a true thankless task

Love given in hugs, and we always forgive

We are the ones who allow you to live

We are the Mothers who are proud of our child

Who beam at each song, each memory filed

We are the Parent who’s feels so inept

Yet the location of choice when secrets are kept

We are the Mothers so proud and so strong

The glue in the ointment that binds and belongs

We are the protectors of the family’s nation

The keepers of love, the one true salvation

Ange Chan ©2014