Equality / a poem

“Equality for all”  It’s what they all say 

But do they know what it means?

You can’t pick and choose which bits you like best 

And which bits you’re going to demean
It’s a casual comment against women in general

It’s the bile and the hate when things have turned feral

It’s the bombs and the guns, senseless killing of the innocent 

It’s a sad view of life sliding down into a descent

It’s the homo online demeaning the straights

It’s the man in a nightclub murdering people he hates

It’s the unkind jeer which spills from their tongue

It’s the racist remark against countries far flung

It’s the homophobic slurs on ones sexuality

It’s the careless and ignorant with no grip on reality

It’s the ageist remark against those who’ve lived long

It’s the hate in us all when we want to belong 
When tolerance and love are tossed to the floor

Equality means nothing when acceptance is flawed

You can’t argue against facts, or have a closed mind

For nothing is gained, it is lost, it’s unkind 

Be the big person, accept you are wrong

And understand others, join in, and be strong 

Equality for all, is a two-way thing

So cast aside prejudices and let the love in
Ange Chan ©2016


Secret Life – a poem


Her dishwater hands give her boredom away 

She’s always at work and never at play

Her life is a schedule, a doubtful routine

With washing and ironing and keeping things clean
The husband’s at work and the kids are at school

She’s done all her chores and feels like a fool

When she lifts the receiver and answers the call

To a lonely old man who wants to feel small
“Madame Dominatrix” is her pseudonym

She earns extra cash, acting harsh, on a whim

All her frustrations laid bare to a stranger

Whilst sat in her rollers, avoiding the danger 
She doesn’t feel part of the sex industry

When she shouts and commands to her clients, for a fee

To her it’s ‘pin money’ for a life that is better

So she groans and she yells whilst the callers get wetter
Whilst her family’s oblivious to their Mum’s secret life

They enjoy all the treats and avoid any strife

Life’s always so calm and she’s in control

Her life is in boxes, as she plays out her roles
Ange Chan ©2015


Not So Strong and Stable – a poem 

The queen of u-turns has spectacularly lost face

A parliament hung, she’s fallen from grace

Calls for June to be the end of May 

But the rhino-skinned woman thinks she’s here to stay

Jeremy’s leadership has spectacularly grown

Increased majority from the seeds he has sown

The TV pundits are spectacularly rife

Discussing the state of our political life

London’s a town that’s painted in red

Whilst Tory votes are now marginal, instead 

The Tories are hiding from media discussion 

They’ve been relegated to playing percussion 

And Brexit talks now broken and crumbled  

“Strong and stable” #tumbleweedtumbled

A massive increase for Labour today

It’s time for Theresa to now walk away
Ange Chan ©2017

Eight Minutes – a poem 

Next time you loudly complain 

About the Police on our streets

Think about who’ll help you

When life become unsafe

Without a single thought

For safety of their own

They’ll gladly step right in

And deal with what needs to be done

Going beyond and above

Of what’s expected of them

And despite the way they’re treated

Will do it over and over again 

Who else can you rely on

To appear when you need them most

And take charge of the situation 

For completing a thankless task

More than just a day job

More than just a salary slave

The thin blue line is as strong as steel

Forging its way through veins

Of men and women

Who have fire in their souls

And a beating heart of gold
Ange Chan ©2017