Now for the “not so good news”

The General Election results are clear
“The Tories will govern for five more years”
I personally feel utter devastation
And fear for the future of our great nation
Their party promise was twelve billion to slash
No thought for the nation’s welfare, when asked
Public services cut to the core
You can’t take nothing from nothing no more
An increase in fracking and ruining our land
More food banks for living fist to hand
More ‘jobs for the boys’ in financial quarters
More hardworking families lives are slaughtered
Poverty will increase, and riots will follow
I fear for our youth and all their tomorrows
Cash for peerage and zero hours
Whilst the NHS declines like milk that sours
Nurses, Firemen, Teachers, Police
Will continue the threat of being fleeced
Advantage taken of their chosen vocation
Whilst they toil and sacrifice for the good of the nation
Failure to curb the banking excess
We’re facing a future of pure bleakness
Inequality rising ‘tween rich and poor
We can’t take this rubbish any more!
Protecting paedophiles without a thought
Armed forces left with no support
Pension retirement age has risen
Working for longer is now a given
Royal Mail sold and other assets
Just PFI in another facet
Voter apathy spoilt our chance
And now we’ll be led a merry old dance
Our nation is already on its knees
Five more years? Do me a favour! Please!


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