Remembering Amy – on this her 3rd anniversary (23/7/2011)

In your bedroom of dreams, are miracles made

A mix-tape of favourites, 25 in all, played

A track list of a life well-lived starts in your youth

The future’s before you.  Amy, you’re the proof


A suitcase full of family stills, tells your history

“Please don’t shut me up, my life is no mystery”

“Let me be heard, in nations far and wide”

But no-one can ever know what’s going on, inside


A childhood wish on a star, comes more than true

Remembering Amy, for being just “you”

A legacy of memories of an incredible voice

But your life was to end, by chance, not by choice


A world weeps, a legacy lingers, a talent lost

The music we won’t enjoy, you paid the ultimate cost

We only said goodbye with words, and left our hearts behind

You’ll be remembered for all eternity, in a funky digital cloud


The tears in our eyes, won’t dry on their own

They need a reminder from the seeds you have sown

And the passion inside stirs emotions within

So your music plays on, with our hearts in a spin


All you ever wanted was for your voice to be heard

But your life was lived in public and you unfurled.

Gone much too soon than you really should’ve oughta

An Icon.  A Diva.  A Legend.  A Daughter.


“Try” – a poem

You might be an excellent swordsman
Or a Salsa King with wiggly hips
You might have a way with the animals
Or be an amazing horticulturist

Perhaps you’re a champion skier
As you glide down the slopes, pure and white
Have you ever turned your hand to wood carving
Or jumping out of a plane, mid flight?

Maybe you’re a graceful performer
Who excels every night on the stage
Or then again your skill lies in painting
Or deep diving the oceans, so blue

Perhaps you’re destined as a poet
With couplets that rhyme as they melt
Or a writer of novels is your calling
With stories to tell, so heartfelt

Whatever you skill or your talent
Or wherever your heart’s desire lie
There one thing I know that’s for certain
You won’t know your blessing til you try

Storm – a poem


Clouds are heavy in flesh toned hues
Animals ears pricked in knowing ways
Storm is travelling from distant lands
Birds of flight have stowed away
Then rain and thunder all around
Carving up the days remains
Lightning flash in strobe-like calm
Night like day, before the dawn
Crows form a group with murderous intent
Squawking their sycophantic symphony
On telegraph lines of analogue
Humidity hangs with crackling intent
Electrified oxygen, heavy on the bass
Forks of anger, electrified
Then comes the rain, of discontent

“Alice’s Last Stand” – a poem

Climbing to the summit of self appointed gloom
My featherlike touch will topple your mountain 
There will be no salvation in the truth
And rocks will fall like tears spilling from my jar
You pierce my red heart with your words of stone
Emotionless and hard and jagged
My eagle will swoop and circle
Protecting my soul from your vulturesque words
Raining down like lava
Melting and destroying all in it's path
You fall down the rabbit hole of solitude 
And I remain strong at the cave's mouth of discontent
Fighting off all who threaten my brood
With all the strength and patience of the Jabberwokky

“Summer Solstice” – a poem

Summer solstice on anniversary's eve
Awash the daylight of my youth 
Penetrate the skies with warmth and colour
Pervading starry night's slumber
The dawn marked in time by a twittering chorus
And long shadows darken the solstice morn 
Dew glistens in the dappled light
Sun rises high and June proudly shines
Gemini's motion so deftly remaindered
Til the cusp of Cancer's twilight

“English Summer” – a poem

Scorpio’s precipitation 
taints July’s gemini skies,
No nightingale song at dawn’s early light.
The patter of the rain 
is the anthem of the morning,
Singing it’s scorn for the summer of today.
Tomorrow’s blooms will fail 
My summer’s currency will outweigh the winter
And the day will end as it began.

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