In Fawkes’ Name

The dusk is filled with stars and Magic
The smell of bonfire is in the air
The light is piercing thru clouds a-crack’d
Whilst verdant leaves burn in their lair

Jack Frost hasn’t paid a visit
He’s unwelcome for a month or two
But Jack-o-Lantern’s burning brightly
In the smoky, dusky hue

Early eve as dark as midnight
Scorpio’s shadow looms ever near
Promises of rainbow explosions
Expectant feeling in the air

Then comes the time for burning powder
Light the blue touch, watch the sky
Autumn’s festival upon us
Whilst nature’s kind hide nervously by

The foxes care not for loud explosions
The blackbird’s song is silenced by flame
Domestic pets will hide and glower
Whilst fun is had in Fawkes’ name