“I’m Every Woman” – a poem

I'm Keira Knightly pretty
I'm Angelina slim
I'm Lindsay Logan shitty
I'm Alexis on a whim 

I'm Debbie Harry savvy
A New York talkin' dame
I'm Mama Cass heavy
When I'm not playin' the game 

I'm Joan Rivers funny
I'm Collins greatest fan
I'm Sandra Bullock sunny
And I'm every woman

I'm Julia Roberts happy
I'm Marilyn's biggest threat
I'm often Streisand sappy
I'm Bassey for a bet

I'm Siouxsie in my soul
Some things will never change
I'm all of the above
But most of all, I'm Ange

I'm Pavlova's greatest dance
I'm Ella Fitzgerald's soul
I'm Audrey Hepburn elegance
I'm many parts of the whole

I'm Jane Russell sexy
I'm Betty Davis bold
I'm Mae West flippin' foxy
I'm a pleasure to behold


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