Remembering Amy – on this her 3rd anniversary (23/7/2011)

In your bedroom of dreams, are miracles made

A mix-tape of favourites, 25 in all, played

A track list of a life well-lived starts in your youth

The future’s before you.  Amy, you’re the proof


A suitcase full of family stills, tells your history

“Please don’t shut me up, my life is no mystery”

“Let me be heard, in nations far and wide”

But no-one can ever know what’s going on, inside


A childhood wish on a star, comes more than true

Remembering Amy, for being just “you”

A legacy of memories of an incredible voice

But your life was to end, by chance, not by choice


A world weeps, a legacy lingers, a talent lost

The music we won’t enjoy, you paid the ultimate cost

We only said goodbye with words, and left our hearts behind

You’ll be remembered for all eternity, in a funky digital cloud


The tears in our eyes, won’t dry on their own

They need a reminder from the seeds you have sown

And the passion inside stirs emotions within

So your music plays on, with our hearts in a spin


All you ever wanted was for your voice to be heard

But your life was lived in public and you unfurled.

Gone much too soon than you really should’ve oughta

An Icon.  A Diva.  A Legend.  A Daughter.


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