“Try” – a poem

You might be an excellent swordsman
Or a Salsa King with wiggly hips
You might have a way with the animals
Or be an amazing horticulturist

Perhaps you’re a champion skier
As you glide down the slopes, pure and white
Have you ever turned your hand to wood carving
Or jumping out of a plane, mid flight?

Maybe you’re a graceful performer
Who excels every night on the stage
Or then again your skill lies in painting
Or deep diving the oceans, so blue

Perhaps you’re destined as a poet
With couplets that rhyme as they melt
Or a writer of novels is your calling
With stories to tell, so heartfelt

Whatever you skill or your talent
Or wherever your heart’s desire lie
There one thing I know that’s for certain
You won’t know your blessing til you try


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