Bah, Humbug! – a poem

The Yuletide tree is here and

The presents have been bought

The greetings cards are written

Yet I’m starting to get fraught

No turkey in the supermarket

No stuffing that I like

I’m not a last minute kind of girl

But I’m looking a sorry sight

The mince pies all have candied peel

That’s no good for me

So I have to find the time

To make my own, for my festive tea

The tree is looking bare

Will I have the time to decorate?

There’s presents yet to wrap

And I’m starting to deteriorate!

The joys of Christmastime

Have long since passed me by

And now I’m old and crabby

I’d rather curl up and die!

My misgivings are soon melted

Just like the season’s snow

When my boy reminds me of meaning

That you reap just what you sow

And although he no longer believes

In Santa Claus and such things

There’s hope written on his face

And that’s the joy Christmas brings

Ange Chan ©2015


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