A poem for Valentines Day….

A Valentines Wish

Hope you got the Valentine wish

That you were hoping for,

Did you get a bunch of roses

Or cards cascading through your door?

Are you hoping for an evening

Of romantic gestures and signs

Ignoring all the clichés

Especially that “Love is Blind”

Are you hoping for some smaltz

Being whisked around the floor?

Or maybe a little waltz

As long as you aren’t ignored.

Maybe you hope for lingerie

And an evening spent in bed

It’s better than watching TV

And being on your own instead

Whatever you choose to do

Remember love is eternal

It’s not for just the one day

That turns “love” into being commercial

And if you don’t get

All that you hoped for on this day

Remember to love yourself

In the end of it all, it’s the only way

Ange Chan ©2015


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