Equality / a poem

“Equality for all”  It’s what they all say 

But do they know what it means?

You can’t pick and choose which bits you like best 

And which bits you’re going to demean
It’s a casual comment against women in general

It’s the bile and the hate when things have turned feral

It’s the bombs and the guns, senseless killing of the innocent 

It’s a sad view of life sliding down into a descent

It’s the homo online demeaning the straights

It’s the man in a nightclub murdering people he hates

It’s the unkind jeer which spills from their tongue

It’s the racist remark against countries far flung

It’s the homophobic slurs on ones sexuality

It’s the careless and ignorant with no grip on reality

It’s the ageist remark against those who’ve lived long

It’s the hate in us all when we want to belong 
When tolerance and love are tossed to the floor

Equality means nothing when acceptance is flawed

You can’t argue against facts, or have a closed mind

For nothing is gained, it is lost, it’s unkind 

Be the big person, accept you are wrong

And understand others, join in, and be strong 

Equality for all, is a two-way thing

So cast aside prejudices and let the love in
Ange Chan ©2016


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