Timelines: A Dozen Doctors in Verse – REVIEWED

This week my latest publication was unleashed onto the great poetry reading public. It’s a themed volume based on Doctor Who, the long-running Cult TV series. It starts with the poem “An Unearthly Child”, for the uninitiated this was the first ever episode of Doctor Who. The book ends with a poem about the most recent Doctor Who episode “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”, thus the book covers from the very beginning to the current end as we know it. 

Of course there’s a new series in the pipelines which is due to hit British TV screens over the Easter weekend (when I’m away. I’m thinking of cancelling my trip! Joke. Thank God for modern technology like recorders!) 
The poetry collection covers the whole of range of the dozen doctors from Zygons to the Black Archive and Daleks to Trap Street. It’s a must have collection for any fan of Doctor Who. 

The foreword is by the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s Editor John Davies and the cover illustration is by Simon Brett. 

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this old toon and I hope you enjoy reading and reliving some key Doctor Who moments too. 

Kind thanks to Jenny Shirt who reviewed Timelines: A Dozen Doctors in Verse for We Are Cult


You can buy the book from Amazon for £3.50 from here 

TIMELINES: A Dozen Doctors in Verse: A Collection of Doctor Who poetry https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1542770580/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_rbbQybESMXEYT


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