“The Bowie in Me” – a poem 

Crying tears of electric blue 

The world still weeps for the loss of you

Bittersweet memories of Hunky Dory

Will always form my Bowie story

At seven years old I was alone in the car

Fiddling with the radio, waiting for my Pa

My frequency airwaves epiphany;

“John I’m Only Dancing” spoke right to me!

From that moment on I had to hear more

I needed to expand my musical store

Who was this man with the words that I loved?

He was strangely unique, but I totally understood

A musical journey embracing all feeling

My tender young heart, emotionally reeling

Images of spacemen in galaxies afar

And madmen who were always crashing the same car

Then I heard Hunky Dory, with its strange quirky words

Hanging artists on walls, imagery absurd!

Hands reaching down from cinematic clouds

A thematic soundtrack for sunken dreams abound

Sailors dancing to the best selling show

The curious in me always wanting to know

Kooky people wanted to be free

And brothers who went by the name of Bewley

It took me to places that I’d never been

And expanded my mind; a vinyl LSD

Knowledge learnt beyond my age

Not always understanding but wanting that to change

It became a reference to bullshit fame

Which was never a part of your ultimate game

Ch-ch-changes were happening to me

As I morphed from a young girl into my puberty 

“Don’t tell me to grow up and out if it”

This is the way I was meant to be lit

A shining star that unlocks the city

Believing in self whilst sitting pretty

And later in nightclubs I’d mingle with stars

Creative hand movements danced to Life on Mars

Rock n Roll sailors with hearts in the can

A mortal with the potential of superman

That special album will always Fill my Heart

It was the true beginning of my Bowie start

A love that had grown with me over the years

And though he is gone, there’ll be no more tears

His musical empire left a vast legacy

And he’ll always be remembered deep inside of me

So Thank You David as you float on your way

You’re part of the fabric of who I am today
Ange Chan ©2016


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