“Serious Moonlight from the Starman tonight”- a poem 

Nothing ch-ch-changes and nothing stays the same
The ultimate chameleon has frozen in his final Lazarus frame

He’s left a Blackstar legacy, of which he prophesied

How could this mortal leave us here, while he just goes and dies?

The news of Bowie’s passing is too huge to contemplate

A global outpour of disbelief into a senseless frozen lake

So how to sum up a unique life in just a few lines of verse

My words are flowing from the heart; a blessing and a curse 

When Golden Years span generations

From Laughing gnomes to London boys 

Aladdin Sane, and Ziggy too

Hunky Dory, we love you

Ground control to Thin White Duke

Boys Keep Swinging in their youth

Oh You Pretty Thing, looking so fine

The Rebel Rebel is dancing divine

Jeanie Gene loves chimney stacks

And Scary Monsters haunt Halloween Jack

The Man Who Sold the World for Fame

The Rise and Fall, just to keep Sane

The Goon Squad send their last regards 

Whilst Windrush Place contains the hoards

An oddity crowd stands Station to Station

Representing the grief of this great nation

How lucky are we to have lived in a time

When Bowie’s greatness was ours. Sublime.
Ange Chan ©2016



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