“The Jigsaw of Me” – a poem for 2016 

This fateful year

Has punctuated my heart 

And pierced my soul, like no other

The loss of those important to me

In art and culture and music

Has stolen a piece of me

On each wretched occasion 

And has left a perpetually

Unfinished jigsaw of my being

I’ve stopped keeping score

Of the hurt and pain

Which has flowed like a river, this fateful year

The tirade of its blows has floored me

And left me spent.

In my formative years

They gave me so much 

And each pieced together the jigsaw of me

Over the years we’ve grown, together

Their words and music

Filled my soul and 

Resonated with all that I am, and

All that I became

All the pieces aligned and complete

Those halcyon years, when we took

Our cultural happiness for granted

My eternal picture is now as broken

As my heart, but

Life goes on, 

Now, as an incomplete jigsaw
Ange Chan ©2016


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