“Budget” – a poem

Bring me the head of Duncan Smith
Skewered on a stake
Osborne, Cameron, Morgan too
In fact, bring all his mates

The charge at hand is duplicity
And for killing the nation’s soul
They live in an alternative reality
And have consumed fair living, whole

Whilst tabloids scream “We’re Having Pay Rises!”
Have they really thought the sorry mess through?
For the humble members of society
Will end up paying for that too

You can’t take something from nothing
That’s basic economics, right there
Tory Maths just don’t seem to add up
And there’s nothing about it that’s fair

For the rich will just line their pockets
With investments and pensions and cash
Whilst the poor ‘s eyes will roll in their sockets
As they struggle to make the ends last

And if you decide to have a family
The next generation to thrive
Then you’re on your own, decent citizen
Don’t you feel so glad to be alive?

I fear for the state of the nation
With five more years of this hell
So bring me the head of Duncan Smith
And bring all his mates heads as well!


2 thoughts on ““Budget” – a poem

  1. But remember…’We are all in this together.’
    They were picking on the young, of families in general this term… It makes a change from the most vulnerable I suppose. The changes in disability benefit will not actually affect the most vulnerable (like me), but they will affect anybody that is in those needing work relating activities, which is still a bad thing in my view… It will all end up costing them more money which just leaves me shaking my head in disbelief.


  2. “All in it Together” was vile propaganda to win votes. They actually announced the cuts in their manifesto but REFUSED to state where they were coming from… they were always going to give with one hand and take back in double with the other but this week’s announcement beggars belief. 😦


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