Mummy’s Boy – a poem for parents everywhere

I have Spiderman in my bathroom
I have Batman in my bed
I have Iron Man in my living room
But I like The Hulk instead

I’ve Lego in the lounge
And the kitchen, and the stairs
I have a Build-a-Bear wardrobe
Which rivals mine, without compare

There’s Minions on the stairwell
And colouring pens galore
And in every nook and crevice
Behind sofas, on the floors

My walls are impromptu canvasses
For the little darling’s art
I’d love to clear up everything
But quite frankly, where to start?!

These little toys are precious
They remind me what I treasure
And I wouldn’t have it otherwise
Because of all the love and pleasure

And when the source of mayhem
Comes home from school each day
I kiss and squeeze him tightly
Counting my blessings on the way


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