National Poetry Day – 2 October – My Involvement

For National Poetry Day, which is 2nd October 2014, I have been invited by TFL Covent Garden station to participate in their poetry event, by reading a self-penned poem.

Today (22nd September) I recorded my poem “Regrets of the Dying” for the theme of “Remembrance”, to be broadcast on a continual loop with approx 20 other poetry recitals, at Covent Garden station which is on the Piccadilly line.

I’ve also been invited to join a TFL poetry event at the East Piazza of Covent Garden (outside the Transport Museum), to perform my poem to the Covent Garden masses.   This will be sometime between 11.30 and 12.30 on 2nd October.

If you’re able to come along to hear me read and lend your support, it will, as always, be much appreciated.  For those of you who are unable to either hear me at Covent Garden station, or see me perform at the East Piazza, I plan to post an audio and hopefully some photographs from the day, after the event.

Thanks to The Poetry Society and Covent Garden staff (especially Pele and Jonathan) for inviting me to participate in this exciting event.


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