“Big Woman Ways” (for Scarlett) – a poem

“Big Woman Ways” (for Scarlett)

The child is maturing
She’s beginning to grow
her big woman ways
Are starting to show.
The clothes that she wears
And the mask on her face
Applied with such seriousness
It’s all that she craves.
The boys that she fancies
And the friends that she hates
For liking the same boys
Well that’s her mistake.
For when she’s a woman
She’ll come to fast learn
That losing a friend
To a man, gets you burned.
The lessons of life
Are carved from these years
So choose your friends wisely
And reject all your fears.
For nothing in life
is as bad as it seems,
The years mold us gently
and we roll with the tears.
They form us and shape us
Into warriors of life
They make us strong women
Friends, partners and wives.
They carve out the way
To deal with life’s troubles
And then pay it back
Into something that’s doubled.
So put on mascara
Be bolshy, be bold
Be a big woman
And let life unfold


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