Disenfranchised – a poem

Chained to the memory of you
A lifetime has passed
Its now time to forget….
But your deceipt taints my future
My trusting element defiled
No matter how I try
My emotions are defeated
Surrendered to duplicity
By a silence so strong
My conclusions are drawn
Be they right or wrong.
Dead memories fill my heart
When my world imploded
But jigsaw times were had
Dancing outside of the shadows
But then, destroying my soul and
Put back on the shelf
Since then, I found myself.
Oh, the hearts that you break
The lies beneath truth
And reality, opaque.
Forging my tight family ties
So that nothing can pervade.
Protecting my child from alien antics
By shrouding him in love’s cloak.
My fortress of invisibility,
So impenetrable
We only destroy from within.
Moving to the sequence of seven
In a metronomic daze
Better times lie in the future
At last! The life I should live,
You took away everything,
But there’s so much more to give.


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