Rock Star – a poem

Standing in the audience, watching you up on the stage 
You move in time to the music, and the crowd go insane
You beg for their cries, you shout for their tears
But only I know, that's all that you fear
For the rock god within has left and gone home
And he's waiting for me to pick up the phone
To call and confirm that my heart's still at play
So you sit and drink whiskey 'Til the cold light of day
You dare not display the secrets within 
The rock god routine, is wearing quite thin
You lie to the fans with the charade that you bring
But they're fooled by the act through the songs that you sing
And when you leave stage for your final encore
Your heart's at my feet, and still you want more
You return to the stage where X marks the spot
And give it your all crying "now that's your lot"
Sated and spent, you go to your room
And there I am waiting in the depths of the gloom
You hold me to you, and hurt all subsides
Then locking the door we two only, inside
Removing your clothes that are sweaty and stained
You give me your love and remove all the pain 
A public performance takes all of your soul
But I am with you and you make me whole
The groupies are gathering, knocking down your door
The pressure is rising; you slump to the floor
We cling into each other and block out the noise
And try to ignore cries of girls and boys
An hour has passed and gone are the fans
You gather your thoughts then reach for my hands
Alone home we go, just us two now
And back is the man that gave me his vow


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