“Misery Loves Company” – a poem

Misery loves company 
Ain't that the truth 
For the beauty has gone 
With the tide of your youth

You apply in the morning 
With lipstick and bile 
Then spend the whole day 
Calling everyone "vile"

So look in the mirror
At the gleaming facade
It doesn't show "ugly"
That's hiding inside

You might fool yourself
But all else can see
When the lies and nastiness
Are directed with glee

You're treading the line
'Tween hateful and sin
But 50 shades of "beige"
Won't make you fit in

You're relying on others
To carry you through
But they've seen the hate
And I'm sure you do too

Hiding behind 
your tablet or screen
Shows your true colours
But especially the green

Envy's not pretty
And neither is malice
And I'll be the one
To bring back the balance

For everyone tells me
Ignore, delete, block 
But I care not for your insults
And the way that you mock

You think a lot of yourself
If your profile is true
But we know the truth
From the rubbish you spew

So take one last look
In that mirror frame
When all's said and done
You'll feel nothing but shame



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