A Quick Lesson for Using Facebook – a poem

Facebook is the place to be
For posting photos of your tea
For moaning online when no-one cares
And when you’re ill or have fallen down stairs
It’s great for posting all those selfies
Or even cartoons of self-as-elfies
So many birthday wishes to make
And adding piccies of your cake
For playing games like “Candy Crush”
Or status updates when you’re in a rush
They give a snapshot of your life
Your kids, your house, your cat, your wife
Funny meme’s may make you laugh
Just don’t post photos whilst in the bath!
Topical jokes, and hating the Tories
Telling lies and making up stories
Books you’ve read, and photos of cats
Whinges, moans and nasty spats
Hateful comments make it there too
Just hope and pray that they’re not about you!
Song lyrics which tug at your heart
Or remind you of a time when you were torn apart
Its a place to make a difference
Or changing views of your friends, your audience
For hating Cancer and other diseases
Or telling the world when your kid has the measles
Videos of songs that you really love
For poking people (or giving a shove)
Yes Facebook is the place to be
And especially great for poets like me!



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