We Are The Mothers – a poem

We are the angels that gave birth to the youth

The children of tomorrow, the burden of proof

We are the mothers who give love without fear

Who deliver expectations, and dry all the tears

We are the women who battle and fight

Teaching a generation ‘tween wrong and what’s right

We are the fighters who’d kill for our kin

Who’d die in an instance to save their kid’s skin

We are the hunters who seek out what’s best

Who forage for joy and feather the nest

The Amazon Queens who seek out and soothe

Who calm murky waters and improve your bad mood

We are the Mums who deliver what’s asked

Who sacrifice ourselves; a true thankless task

Love given in hugs, and we always forgive

We are the ones who allow you to live

We are the Mothers who are proud of our child

Who beam at each song, each memory filed

We are the Parent who’s feels so inept

Yet the location of choice when secrets are kept

We are the Mothers so proud and so strong

The glue in the ointment that binds and belongs

We are the protectors of the family’s nation

The keepers of love, the one true salvation

Ange Chan ©2014


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