The Amy Winehouse effect

I wrote a poem this week.  Scratch that.  I write poetry every week, mostly working towards my collection which I hope to self publish soon.  However, to expand on my original statement, I wrote a poem about Amy Winehouse.

A bit of background regarding why I did this…. My friend Jonathan Simpson is the Mayor of the London Borough of Camden (where Amy lived and died) and his chosen charity this year is the ‘Amy Winehouse Foundation‘ who do marvellous rehabilitation and drug/alcohol preventation programmes through education.  If you would like to donate to this very worthwhile charity then please click here

Anyway, I’m attending a private view at the Jewish Museum (London)  in a couple of weeks time of Amy’s personal item

Amy Winehouse performing in Berlin in 2007
Amy Winehouse performing in Berlin in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

s whilst she was growing up as a child.  This exhibition has been curated by Amy’s brother Alex, and sister-in-law Riva, and has the full support of the Winehouse family with funds going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.  It promises to be a bittersweet experience.  In Jonathan’s words I’ve been told to “bring tissues”, which I guess says it all.  To see more about the exhibition click here

Anyway, my Amy poem written earlier this week was posted to my own Ange Chan Writer page on Facebook, ( as well as some Amy Winehouse pages I’ve also “liked”.  I also posted the link to my Twitter page.  I was astounded at such a positive response both on Facebook and Twitter, likes and retweets a-plenty.  The most surprising outcomes from my poem was that I was asked by the organisers of the “Album 4 Amy” if they could use my poem as part of the project.  Its being released on 14th September as a not for profit project (I’ve suggested that profits could be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation)  You can read more about the project here

2013 would have been Amy’s 30th birthday and 23rd July marks 3 years since she died.  RIP Amy… you are well and truly missed.

Finally, but by no means least, “Amy’s Army” Facebook page also very kindly re-arranged my poem into a montage, which as a massive surprise and I was delighted with the outcome!


I hope you like it too!


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