Visiting the Masquerade Macabre

Last night, a contingent of Polari regulars and others schlepped northwards to the leafy borough of Highgate, to see Marcus Reeves perform his new album “Quicksilver – The Masquerade Macabre” at Jackson Lane as part of their season of cabaret artistes.  This series also included Mat Ricardo, juggler and raconteur, who I first saw at the Edinburgh fringe last year in the Voodoo Rooms and who performed at Jackson Lane last Saturday.

I met John-John first and so in typical tradition we found the nearest pub, where Tony and Paul joined us later.  It was a very nice pub, but then again Highgate is a very nice area.  In the ladies I was astounded to see a chandelier which wouldn’t look out of place in a top class nightclub in Central London!

We decided to make our way to the venue to bag a decent seat.  It was delightful to see Lauren (aka Rebecca Chance) there with some other Polari regulars.  As it happens, June’s Polari had been scheduled for the same evening and unwittingly we had booked to see Marcus first before the Polari dates had been released. 

Marcus’ show was a testament to his talent.  He had put a lot of hard work into bringing this show to life, and quite frankly, it showed.  All five musicians, plus backing singers made for an impressive accompaniment to Marcus’ act.  The centre of the stage was adorned with a massive glittery faced mask, Marcus’ trademark look, behind which he appeared resplendent in a headpiece which would put any Rio-carnival babe to shame. 

The show took us through a journey, with monologue narratives spoken before each piece and linked all the songs together to form one continuous daisy chained theme of love, lust, and loss.  Themes of temporary love affairs, the reality behind our own masks, and the sometimes fleetingness of love and all its fickle ways.  At the end of the show you felt like you’d been taken on a glittery, dark journey, and back again.  Superb stuff!

As we made our way out to the foyer, I was surprised and delighted to see my friend, and singer David McAlmont.  I haven’t seen David since his Hippodrome show back in November (where I also met Adamski and record producer Guy Sigsworth who has just produced Alison Moyet’s wonderful album “the minutes” and has worked with the likes of Kylie and Madonna in the past, but, I digress!) so it was fabulous to see him and catch up.


After a few photographs and collecting our CD’s in digipack format, which are equally professionally produced with stunning artwork and lyrics (I hate it when albums don’t have these things!) we said our goodbyes and made our way to our respective homes into the warm London night.

If “nothing exceeds like excess”, then by the same reasoning “nothing succeeds like success” and Marcus deserves tonnes of this commodity, with respect to his new album.  Good luck Marcus, and thanks for a brilliant show!




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